Hysan is a leading supplier of stainless steel  flow  equipment to the food, dairy and beverage  industry.  Hysan provides a range of components essential for hygienic processing -including butterfly valves, Non-return valves and sight glasses.

Butterfly Valves

Our range of sizes and connections from DN 25 (1“) to DN 100 (4”) is ideal for most applications from the small dosing line to high flow product lines. Our separate DIN and inch series guarantee a smooth flow at all times. Valve is equipped with a 4-position locking handle, enabling throttling control.

Non- return Valves

The non-return valve is designed to prevent reverse flow of fluids in pipe systems in all process applications. Can be installed in the horizontal andvertical position due to unique guide rails preventing spindle from misalignment.

Sight Glasses

Hysan inline sight glasses
are designed for visual inspection of media inside pipes. The borosilicate glass can be used at pressure ranges up to 10 bar,
depending on the size of the sight glass.